Vortex Impeller Pumps

Most of these models are derived from the standard Dinflow range and include a recessed impeller which creates a vortex within the pump casing. Smaller models are also included in the range, mainly for marine use.

Vortex pumps can be supplied as bareshaft pumps, long-coupled, base-mounted units, close-coupled motorpumps, or long column sump pumps.



  • Casings and Impellers in combinations of cast iron, bronze, zinc-free bronze and stainless     steel
  • Stainless steel shafts – varying grades for specific liquids
  • Mechanical seal or packed gland




  • Vortex design allows the passage of solids and fibrous material.
  • Mechanical seals are available with a variety of elastomers and face materials to suit a wide     range of fluids and temperatures
  • Back pull-out design for ease of maintenance
  • Maximum operating pressure 1,600 kPa
  • Suits both 50 and 60 Hz electric motor speeds




  • Waste water
  • General Industry
  • Marine ( grey water )
  • Sewage treatment plants



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