Terada/Serapura Trash Pumps

Regent Terada/Serapura are heavy duty single stage, self priming, solids-handling centrifugal pumps.

They may be supplied with electric motors, petrol engines or diesel engines, or as bareshaft units.



  • Aluminium alloy casing, cast iron impeller
  • Stainless steel shaft/shaft sleeve
  • Grease lubricated mechanical seal




  • Non-return suction flap valve retains liquid in the pump casing, ensuring quick and easy     priming without the need for a foot valve
  • Robust cast metal pump components for long life
  • Open impeller for handling solids and slurries
  • Hand hole and cover for easy clean-out of the pump casing
  • Can handle 32 mm solids




  • Sumps
  • Septic Tanks
  • Effluent transfer
  • Farmyard waste
  • Agriculture



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